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Eat Pray Love《美食,祈祷和恋爱》精讲之六[1]

Eat Pray Love《美食,岙ao ,祈祷和恋爱》精讲之六

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Felipe: Good afternoon. How are you?

Liz: What are you doing here?

Felipe: Well, I've brought you Wayan's famous hangover cure...because you drank a little bit too much last night. And here it is. Very delicious, as you can see...and very tasty.

Liz: Do you make it a habit of walking into people's houses?

Felipe: Do you make it a habit of sleeping with your front door open? It's a call. Moment. Hello, darling. How are you?

Felipe' son: Can't get the coffee machine to work.

Felipe: Okay. I've told you 50 times. It's very easy. You change the filter, you add the add water and that's it. How did you get into college?

Felipe's son: How do I make it like you?

Felipe: Listen, I've been making coffee...darling, for 40 years, so you have to be patient with yourself. All right?

Felipe's son: Okay. So, what's up with you?

Felipe: Nothing. I just can't talk right now.

Felipe's son: Holy shit. You're with a girl.

Felipe: I have to go.

Felipe's son: Who is she? Is she hot?

Felipe: Jesus, she's hot.

Felipe's son: Dad, if you hang up...I'll call back and embarrass you. Dad, don't--

Liz: That's a lot of "darlings," darling.

Felipe: Yeah. That darling was my son. I've called all my children "darling" since they were little. Then there was a moment that between the pets and the children...I was confused, so I called everybody "darling." Okay, you need to rest. Here is my number and my address. I'm gonna leave it here on the table, in case you need a tour guide. A tour guide. And please, drink that up, because it's gonna help you a big deal. Because you really look....

Liz: Ravishing?

Felipe: Astonishing.

Liz: Go away. Please.

Felipe: Okay. Drink it up. It's gonna be helpful.

Liz: Hey, Mr. Tour Guide. Can we start with a coffee?

Felipe: Okay.

Liz: What are these?

Felipe: These are rambutan. They're delicious. It's like an orange made love to a plum. Would you like some?

Liz: When you put it that way, yes, thank you. What is that?

Felipe: No, no, no. They taste like dirty feet.

Liz: Really?

Felipe: Dirty feet. Look out. Nice. How many places have you visited? I have 46 stamps on my passport.

Liz: I happen to have 49 stamps on my passport.

Felipe: Forty-nine? I knew it.

Liz: Knew what?

Felipe: I knew it. We are both antevasins, my dear.

Liz: What is that?

Felipe: Antevasin is....It's an in-between. It is the one who lives by the border...because they renounce to the comfort of family order to seek "enlightment."

Liz: I like your word. And I like the way you say "enlightment."

Felipe: "Enlightment." I try.

Liz: You're missing a syllable, but I like it.

Felipe: It's beautiful, no? It's Pura Melanting, which means "Temple of Prosperity."

Liz: Beautiful. So next attraction of the tour?

Liz: Yes.

Felipe: Food from Bali.

Liz: Oh, good. I'm starving. Where should we go?

Felipe: We should go to the best restaurant in town.

Liz: Of course.

Felipe: My place.

Liz: Subtle. Did you always live in Brazil before you came to Bali?

Felipe: No, no. Only for 20 years. Then I met my wife and l moved with her to Australia. She traveled a lot because of the job. And I stayed home with the children.

Liz: A good feminist husband.

Felipe: Yeah. Yeah. Didn't turn out to be what she wanted, I'm afraid.

Liz: What happened?

Felipe: What happened? Well, the children were grown. And I run an import-export jewelry business, so I could live anywhere. And Bali seemed like the perfect place to recover from a divorce. And here I am. Here I am. And you?

Liz: Well, far less tragic. We were immature and really too young to get married. We grew apart.

Felipe: Hearts were broken.

Liz: Yes.

Felipe: Then it's the same.

Liz: This is just perfect.

Felipe: So are you. You know what you are? You're a falsa magra. You know what that is?

Liz: What?

Felipe: You are slender and elegant in a distance...but up close, you are round and fleshy.

Liz: Thank God for Brazilians.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. hangover: 宿醉(过量喝酒后第二天的头痛以及恶心反应)

比如:She woke up with a terrible hangover.(她醒来时宿醉反应很厉害。)

vacation hangover指的就是“度假后遗症”(休完长假回工作岗位时做起事来无精打采、行动迟缓及茫然失措的现象)

2. make it a habit of: 使……形成一种习惯。

3. a big deal: 这里的help you a big deal指的是解酒药“很管用的”。

在口语中指重要人物。Big deal还可以用作反语,表示“没什么了不起”,也说成no big deal。

4. ravishing: 使人陶醉的,让人销魂的。比如:He was ravished by her beauty.(她的美貌使他倾倒。)

5. go away: 走开。在口语中还可以用作祈使句,表示“别傻了!”

6. rambutan: 红毛丹树,-------------------/////========================----------,红毛丹国,产于马来西亚等地。

7. feminist husband: 居家男人。feminist 指的是“女权主义者”。

8. import-export: 进出口。这里的import-export jewelry business指的就是“进出口珠宝贸易”。

9. up close: 近距离。

close-up 则指的是(照相、电影的)特写,特写镜头

10.round and fleshy: 圆润丰腴,//////////////////////////////////________________________________________________///////////////////////////////////////,这里是说利兹远看苗条,近看珠圆玉润的样子。fleshy就是形容“丰满的”。



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