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Eat Pray Love《美食,祈祷和恋爱》精讲之四[1]

Eat Pray Love《美食,祈祷和恋爱》精讲之四

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本片段剧情:利兹无法通过冥想来达到抛却烦恼的目的。这天她遇到理查德, 酤gu,理查德现身说法,教她如何摆脱内心的纠结,但利兹似乎并不领情。

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Tulsi: It is most commendable that you ended your marriage. You seem like such a happy, free person now.

Liz: I think my ex-husband would describe me as selfish.

Tulsi: You mustn't be angry with yourself or disappointed. You don't have to make children or be married to have a family.

Richard: Oh, man. They got mosquitoes here big stand flat-footed and screw a chicken. I love you.

Tulsi: Liz, have you met...Richard from Texas?

Liz: Hello, Richard from Texas.

Richard: Nice to meet you, Groceries.

Liz: Groceries?

Richard: Yeah. Yeah, I heard you eating before I saw you. I never seen anybody eat so much at one time. You sure do enjoy your groceries.

Liz: You know, it's been a rough day, and if no one takes it personally...I'm going to take my large meal someplace else to eat it in silence.

Tulsi: Oh, no, stay. I'm done.

Richard: Looked like you were working through some...pretty rough stuff this morning. Stuff with your ex-husband? I got an ex-wife. She thinks l changed my name to "Motherfucker."

Liz: I-- I just spent some time in Rome and I came here feeling so great. And now here l am, at the source...and l feel more disconnected than ever.

Richard: Why'd you come here?

Liz: I just want some peace.

Richard: Peace? You wanna get to the castle, got to swim the moat. Here, you can finish that. I know you can.

Liz: Okay. Simply empty your mind. Breathe. What am I going to do when this year is over? Where am I going to live? Well, maybe Chicago. Oh, my God. I could build a meditation room-- No. Stop thinking. Why is this so hard? Screw you, Corella. How the hell does she do this? She looks like frigging Mother Teresa. Oh, my God, kill me.

Richard: Who's in the moat today?

Liz: Shut up.

Richard: Sounds like you wrestled some big-ass crocs.

Liz: You know what? lf you're so goddamn smart, what are you doing here?

Richard: If you're here, it makes you smart already. Do you wanna talk about what--?

Liz: No, not to you. Thank you.

Richard: I'm the only one here. You're gonna talk about it sooner or later.

Liz: I cannot focus in there. All I think about is my meditation room and how to decorate.

Richard: Are you shitting me?

Liz: Are you kidding me?

Richard: The meditation room is within, Groceries. Decorate that.

Liz: Do you always talk in bumper sticker?

Richard: I do, and here's another one. You have to learn to select your thoughts the way you select...your clothes every day. That's a power you can cultivate. You wanna come here and control your life so bad, work on the mind. That's the only thing you should control. If you can't master your thoughts, you're in trouble.

Liz: I am trying.

Richard: Yeah, hello, that's the damn problem. Stop trying. Surrender. Go out into the garden and just sit there and still your mind...and you watch what happens. Why don't you just let it be?

Liz: Has anyone ever told you you look like James Taylor?

Richard: Every day.

Liz: God, he really does.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. flat-footed:这里理查德是说“这里的蚊子个头真大,直接就伏在上面,嗌ai ,把鸡肉给干掉了。”

flat-footed一般用来指“扁平足的”或者“无准备的,措手不及”。在美语中,come out flat-footed就是说“打开天窗说亮话”。

2. rough day:难熬的一天,铢zhu,经历太糟了。Rough在这里表示“讨厌的,令人不快的”。

3. disconnected: 隔绝,!@!----------------------==============================================,隔离。也可以指不连贯的,无条理的,或者电话断线。

例如:I felt disconnected from the world around me.(我感到已与周围世界隔绝。)

4. empty your mind: 清空杂念。

5. meditation room: 冥想室。Be deep in meditation就是指“陷入沉思”。

6. screw you: 去你的,---------------------uuu==================================================,见鬼吧。骂人的话。

7. frigging: 要命的,可恨的。用于加强语气,也属于粗话。

8. Mother Teresa:特雷莎修女。世界著名的天主教慈善工作者,主要替印度加尔各答的穷人服务。

9. bumper sticker:汽车保险杆上的贴纸,--------------------------/________________________/____________________,上面常会写些有个人风格的俏皮话,好给后方来车看。

10.let it be:顺其自然,随它去。